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Over the years, Drug Today Group offered its clients enormous opportunities to promote their products and services and build their respective brands in the competitive world of pharmaceutical business through advertisement in its drug directory, Drug Today, and monthly health journal, Drug Today Medical Times (DTMT). Today, it has opened up wide vistas of advertising opportunities online through two of its websites, namely drugtodayonline.com and Drug Today Deal.

Online advertisement: There are two ways to advertise online. General Advertisement on the website i.e. banner advertisement and sponsored links. Advertisements on website are both economical and effective as they give instant access and visibility for 24X7. They give you your money’s worth.

Print advertisement: Drug Today is a quarterly drug directory published from New Delhi since 1992. It is a ready reckoner of current Medical Formulation with a vast circulation in India as well as some places in Abroad. Pharmaceutical companies are advised to publish their advertisement in Drug Today so that you can receive the maximum query from pharma market.

Drug Today Medical Times (DTMT), is a monthly newspaper published under the aegis of Drug Today since 2012. It is one of its health journal dedicated to the cause of health and fitness. Since its content caters to the day-today needs of the common man for all the latest news and developments in the field of health and fitness, DTMT is very popular among the health conscious. Its readership transcends across class and community barriers while middle and upper class remain its core constituency. Hence, through an advertisement in DTMT you can reach out to a vast section of the society which is both educated and health conscious.

While any company or business house can advertise their products and services through our print and online media and take mileage from publicity it guarantees, advertisers belonging to healthcare fraternity have an added advantage as health is our mainstay. The rates we quote for advertisement are very economical and affordable. This is the best way to advertise for hospitals, colleges, legal advisers and medical counsellors and machines manufacturers to brand themselves in the field of their respective industries.

Trust us to serve you better and reap maximum benefit. We are pioneer in healthcare publication and have maintained our numero uno status for the past more than 21 years and are still growing.  Join us in success story and make the difference.

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