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Another product recall by Dr Reddy’s Labs

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The pharma major, Dr Reddy’s Laboratories, has recently recalled its muscle relaxant drug named tizanidine tablets from the US market. The company

has cited labelling errors for the move.
Tizanidine is used as a muscle relaxant and to treat spasms, cramping and tightness of muscles caused by medical problems such as multiple sclerosis, spastic diplegia, back pain or certain other injuries to spine or central nervous system.
US Food and Drug Administration has said the recall was voluntarily done by the company due to illegible labelling, leading to the bottle labels not containing the strength of the product or possible errors in printing details.
Dr Reddy’s Laboratories said the company sells 4-mg strength tizanidine tablets in 150 count bottles and the recall would cover about 1.17 lakh bottles of the drug. However, the recall has been classified as Class III, implying that the use of or exposure to the drug is not likely to cause adverse health effects.
The recall of tizanidine tablets is the second such instance in the recent past for the company, after the withdrawal of multiple lots of
citalopram tablets from the US markets on complaint of the bottles emitting strong odour. That withdrawal, too,
was classified Class III.

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