PyraMed launches joint video consultation platform for doctors

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Dr. Ketan Parikh

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With an aim to provide specialised treatment to people in far flung areas at an affordable cost, India's  telemedicine platform for joint video consultation-- PyraMed will guide local doctors in villages to treat their patients.

PyraMed has collaborated with top doctors and hospitals to provide affordable specialist and super-specialist care to those who have the greatest need and the greatest difficulty in accessing these services.

This initiative will help provide quality medical opinion to the local doctors. The ease and capability of accessing specialist opinions will enable the local doctors to make quick and timely decisions for their patients.

The patient has only to visit his regular primary doctor.  As and when the ailment needs an opinion of a specialist, this primary doctor can video-consult with the relevant specialist, upload all relevant information, and seek an opinion from the specialist in the presence of the patient.

Dr. Ketan Parikh, Founder of PyraMed, said, “I was really interested in trying to figure out that how do you provide better access to specialty expertise in communities where it is  necessary and valuable.”

“Because primary care is the foundation of the system and real transformation to lower costs has to start there. We want people to think of PyraMed as the way to get high-quality consultations more efficiently and locally so that there’s no barrier to medical expertise,” he explained.

Further he said, “We believe PyraMed will not only help avoid unnecessary physical visits to specialists, but will also significantly increase patients’ access to specialty expertise, save patients time, and reduce their travel burden. Our aim is to help 50 lakh patients over the next 5 years, saving Rs 1,500 crores for rural patients in travel, loss of pay, and ancillary costs.”


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