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Mars, Tata Trusts to address nutritional gap in India

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Chairman of the Tata Trusts, Ratan N TataDTMT Network
MUMBAI: To help address nutritional gap in children in India, Mars Inc., a global manufacturer of confectionery, and Tata Trusts, will jointly deliver enhanced nutrition in the form of protein-rich, nutritious products manufactured locally.

Ratan N Tata, Chairman of Tata Trusts, said that nutrition is an important cause, critical for the nation “because it enduringly improves the quality of people’s lives and achievements.”

The snack venture was launched in Mumbai as part of the partnership.

GoMo Dal Crunchies, aimed at school-going children, will be manufactured at the Mars facility in Pune, and distributed in Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra. It will be sold in Rs 10-and Rs 20-packs.

In the collaboration, Mars will be developing, marketing and selling the product, while Tata Trusts will be helping in identifying distribution areas of local communities.

Tata Trusts are also working on India's Integrated Child Development Scheme, working with governments on policy and advocacy on interventions like food fortification, a statement from the trust said.

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