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NATHEALTH and ASHRAE brainstorm in Delhi for hospitals' sustainability

Shivinder Mohan Singh
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Shivinder Mohan Singh with other experts at an international conference in New Delhi

Healthcare experts have gathered at an International Conference “AIC TECH 2019,” in New Delhi, organized by ASHRAE-India Chapter and NATHEALTH, and deliberated over building sustainable hospitals and making the existing hospitals sustainable.

These healthcare experts and delegates dwelt on various aspects of hospitals such as energy management, modular constructions, waste management, indoor air quality, smoke control and life safety.

Fortis Healthcare founder Shivinder Mohan Singh said: “High quality standards can be achieved by committing to predefined time and cost benchmarks. This will not only maintain quality but also ensure timely completion of projects.”

K.D Singh, of  ASHRAE-India Chapter said, “Hospital industry in India is expected to grow at a CAGR 16-17% from US $ 61.79 billion in FY 17 to US $132.84 billion 2022. The power requirement would also subsequently increase by at least 50% from the present, if not double.”

He recommended, “We need a sustainable growth to reduce investment, both CAPEX and OPEX, in our power infrastructure, thereby conserving the national and natural resources.”

NATHEALTH Secretary General Siddhartha Bhattacharya said, “With efficient energy and waste management, modular construction and other improvement measures, the hospitals can be made sustainable and that would be one of the big drivers in creation of a standardized healthcare ecosystem in the country.”


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