Pharmaceutical companies in India
Pharmaceutical companies in India

Govt. can prescribe greater price control on medicines: Industry

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Mr PR Somani addressing the press

NEW DELHI : The Nizamabad Camber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI) has said that Government can put 30 per cent trade margin cap on entire medicines to curb profiteering.

“The proposal has been discussed with Prime Minister Narendra Modi last month that government has brought trade margin cap on 390 cancer drugs without affecting the manufacturers selling prices,” said PR Somani, founder president NCCI.

Mr Somani was speaking at a press conference in New Delhi saying there is no need of bifurcation of scheduled or non-scheduled drugs.

“Capping of trade margins, in addition to the current ceiling price regulations, is much needed and would be welcome. However, we remain concerned about the excessive margins given in the case of cancer drugs which work out to a 43% markup," said Mr Somani.

He said, “Non schedule drugs prices MRP is printed up to 5000 per cent more on retailers purchase cost and schedule drugs, manufacturers are not earning any profit. On the contrary, they are losing due to DPCO therefore they avoid to manufacture medicine under DPCO.”

“One  side the government is saying to buy generic medicines but other side generic medicine’s MRP is printed similar to branded medicines. As such there is no difference or one can differentiate in generic and branded medicines as both are printed with the brand name,” claimed Mr Somani.

He also claimed that there is no binding on doctors to prescribe generic medicines in the capital. Therefore, they are writing brand name in not readable language and patient has to buy the medicines at their adjacent medical shop only at abnormal MRP prices for their self-interest, he said.


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