Delhi-LNJP: Fungal infection in 2 Covid patients

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Dr Suresh Kumar, Medical Director, LNJP Hospital

Rohit Shishodia


The Covid triggered fungal infection, whose cases have been reported in Delhi’s Ganga Ram Hospital and hospitals in Mumbai and Ahmedabad, has now been found in two patients at Lok Nayak Jai Prakash hospital in Delhi.

According to reports, out of the total 44 cases of Mucormycosis, also known black fungus, detected in Ahemdabad recently, at least nine patients have died with the infection, also resulting in blindness in some patients.

Speaking to DTMT Dr Suresh Kumar, Medical Director, LNJP, said, “This (Mucormycosis) is mainly seen in Covid patients who are immune compromised and on long term steroids or in Covid patients who have uncontrolled diabetes. We have seen it in two Covid patients. Posconazole or antifungal drug Amphotericinis is given to manage this infection. Some patients may require surgery also.”

The symptoms of mucormycosis depend on where in the body the fungus is growing, it can impact any part.

If the fungus grows in sinus and brain, it can cause one-sided facial swelling, headache, nasal or sinus congestion, black lesions on nasal bridge or upper inside of mouth that quickly becomes more severe, and fever.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention of the United States has said that mucormycosis is a serious infection and needs to be treated with prescription antifungal medicine, usually amphotericin B, posaconazole, or isavuconazole. Often, mucormycosis requires surgery to cut away the infected tissue.


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