Need to continue COVID appropriate behaviour: Dr Ashwani Goyal

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Dr Ashwani Goyal, Past President, Delhi Medical Association

Rohit Shishodia

Amid the rise of COVID19 cases in the country, experts have urged people to continue COVID19 appropriate behaviour to prevent the deadly infection which has killed over five lakh people since the pandemic hit India.

The country recorded over 12,000 cases and 11 deaths on June 16, 2022. However, the number of deaths reported due to the disease remains low. The doctors credited the massive vaccination which prevented severe disease and deaths in the population.

Speaking to Drug Today Medical Times on the ongoing spike of COVID19 cases, Dr Ashwani Goyal, Past President of Delhi Medical Association and Head of Curewell Medical Centre, Delhi stressed that people need to continue with COVID19 appropriate behaviour, which includes wearing masks, hand washing and maintain a physical distance of six feet, which have been key preventive strategies to protect from the disease.

Explaining the reasons behind the surge, Dr Goyal said that recent relaxations of COVID19 norms are triggering a rise in numbers. Markets are open and people are mingling with each other in social gatherings.

 “They have stopped following rules as they are not wearing masks and not keeping physical distance due to which cases have naturally surged up,” he said.

“It is not known which strain is causing the rise of cases but it is possible that the Omicron strain might still be in circulation due to which cases are rising again. However, luckily not many casualties happened till now and hospital admissions have remained low thanks to COVID19 vaccines, which have been administered to a large chunk of the population. Many people have got the booster dose of the vaccines,” Dr Goyal pointed out.

“Despite that, we need to be alert and must follow all the COVID19 norms as nobody knows if any deadly strain like Delta might come again and cause mayhem. I feel that restrictions should be reimposed on social gatherings such as marriages until the pandemic subsides,” he advised.


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