Kolkata: Daily wager becomes first to undergo transplantation surgery under Swasthya Sathi

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In an exemplary display of coordinated action and collaboration between government agencies and private healthcare institutions, a daily wager from the Murshidabad district of West Bengal got a new lease of life when he became the first person in the state to receive heart under the 'Swasthya Sathi' Scheme of a brain dead woman from Kolkata suburb.

Under the scheme, which was launched in 2016, the State Government provides financial assistance to a family up to five lakh rupees per annum for health cover in secondary and tertiary care units.

According to media reports, honouring the wishes of the deceased, Manjubala Bhakta, the family members decided to donate her organs after doctors declared her as brain dead following an accident recently.

According to the treating doctors, the recipient of the heart, Jia Ul Haque was suffering from advanced heart failure with his heart pumping at just 20% of its capacity against the normal of 65% met cardiac surgeon Dr Kunal Sarkar in one of the free check-up camps earlier, who arranged further evaluation of the patient at Kolkata’s Medica Superspeciality Hospital. The evaluating doctors came to the conclusion that his only option was heart transplantation.

Post evaluation, the doctors of the hospital approached the state health department for financial assistance under the Swasthya Sathi’ Scheme run by the State Government and were assured of the help. Following an appeal, a number of individuals too came forward with donations to cover the cost of surgery.

On July 10, 2022, following the decision of the family members of Majubala Bhakta to donate her organs, Calcutta Police chipped in by coordinating with the local police in Farakka to bring  the patient to the hospital where a team of surgeons  led by Dr Sarkar performed the transplantation on him.

Expressing his gratitude to everyone, especially the family members of the deceased for honouring her wishes of donating organs, Dr Sarkar informed that the patient has recovered and is doing well.

He expressed the hope that such incidences will encourage more people to come forward and donate their organs after death.


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