SSKM doctors perform 'Hybrid Surgery', save the life of 27-year-old man

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Doctors at Kolkata’s SSKM hospital performed a stent graft on a 27-year-old man in a set of complicated procedures to correct an abnormal bulge in the wall of his aorta in his abdomen local media reported.

The patient, a hypertensive, was suffering from bouts of abdominal pain for quite some time and underwent a CT angiography on the advice of his treating cardiologist, which revealed a pouch-like ballooning in his aorta on the abdominal region.

Concerned about his condition, the family members took him to SSKM Hospital for further treatment, where the doctors advised another CT Angiogram to determine the extent of the damage.

The test revealed that the balloon had enlarged further and the blood supply to his left kidney was also getting hampered.

After evaluation, the doctors decided to implant a stent graft on the wall of the aorta in the affected area to prevent the blood from entering there.

The first operation was undertaken by cardiothoracic surgeons, followed by another surgery by the cardiologists of the hospital.

A surgeon who was part of the team that had operated upon the patient said that implanting a stent graft is very complicated very few such operations take place.  

The doctors further said that the stent itself is very expensive and costs around six lakh rupees, which the State Government came forward to bear.

Elaborating on the challenges, cardiothoracic surgeon Prof (Dr) Subhendushekhar Mahapatra said that the major challenge in such operations lies in maintaining the blood flow in other parts of the body simultaneously while stopping the blood in the place the stent is implanted. This is achieved by performing a completely new type of surgery, which is called ‘Hybrid Surgery’, which was done in this case.

The doctors further informed the patient has since recovered and has been discharged from the hospital.



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