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East Delhi sanitation workers strike work just before Diwali

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 Rohit Shishodia
If the strike by ten thousand sanitation workers continues, this Diwali will see garbage strewn all over East Delhi

It seems that a healthier and cleaner Diwali for the residents of East Delhi may not be possible this year as around 10,000 sanitation workers of the East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC) have gone on indefinite strike just one week ahead of the grand festival of lights.

The workers have struck work in protest against non-payment of salary of the last month and non-provision of other benefits such as bonus and cashless medical cards for years.

They say that they will not return to work unless EDMC solves their problems. The workers informed that bonus has been announced for sanitation workers of South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) but not for them.

A member of the sanitation workers union of EDMC said that non-payment of salary and other benefits makes them feel discriminated against. If sanitation workers are not paid on time, how will they run their lives. "Like others we also need benefits of bonus and medical cashless cards," said a worker.

“There are occasions when sanitation workers get injured while working, but due to lack of money they do not get proper treatment which causes financial crisis in their home. We need salary on time, cashless medical cards and bonus,” he added.

If the sanitation workers remain adamant and their demands are not met, the strike will result in non-lifting of garbage which will create filth and a stink, affecting the health of the residents of East Delhi and also marring the Diwali festival.

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