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Breaking barriers: Campaign for oral health of transgenders

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NEW DELHI: Multicentric Oral Health Campaign - Kartavya - has been launched in New Delhi to reach out to transgenders. Research reveals that the transgender community is almost invisible when it comes to accessing healthcare.

Project Director Dr Vaibhav Kumar told DTMT, “The project aims to make oral healthcare accessible to the community, transcending barriers of accessibility, acceptability, affordability and awareness, leading to a positive healthcare seeking attitude and healthcare providing attitude”.

He adds, “This is probably the first public step in that direction for oral health of the transgender community”.

Miss Transqueen India 2017 Nitasha Biswas said, “I chose to be part of this project because I find purpose in the oral paradigm of healthcare and that complements my beauty. Due to the hustle bustle of routine life, this is neglected.”

Ms Biswas stated, “I not only want my community to be aware of oral healthcare related issues for a better living for tomorrow, but spread the good cheer of Kartavya all around India and to the world through my journey to Miss International Queen 2018.”

Kartavya project embodies the basic ethos of resonating responsibility in not only providing basic oral health care, but more importantly, breaking the barrier between the oral health care providers and the transgender community.

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