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Water from jeans factories leading to cancer in Delhi

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Residents drinking the contaminated ground water are getting jaundice and even cancer.

Unauthorized jeans dyeing factories by their hundreds in Delhi’s Mustafabad area are creating a toxic environment. People consuming groundwater are afflicted with fatal diseases, including cancer.

The area is full of shanties and jhuggies, and in every other dwelling there is a cancer patient, as witnessed by this correspondent. Residents say that the fact that so many people in this area are suffering from cancer is the direct result of toxic water being consumed here.

The consumption of contaminated water in Mustafabad area in North-East Delhi is taking a toll on the health of people living here. It is understood that the water is contaminated due to chemicals released by the very large numbers of jeans dying factories in Mustafabad. This water contains chemicals from the dyeing of jeans pants, shirts and also from metallurgical industries. This effluent contaminates the ground water, which people use for drinking purposes.

Nida Ansar, a woman who used to work in a small jeans factory to earn her livelihood, is now fighting cancer. Her husband Amaan told DTMT that he was stunned when he came to know that his wife was suffering from cancer as she never consumed anything that is bad for health. However, not only Nida but people living next to Nida's house are also suffering from many serious diseases, said Amaan. Amman's immediate neighbour is Rashid whose children are suffering from jaundice as they used to drink water from the same tap as Nida.

The illegal factories continue to operate despite the residents having filed complaints with the authorities and with the police.

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