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Chief Secretary returns Mohalla Clinic files, Kejriwal upset

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 Rohit Shishodia
Clearly, another tussle is brewing between the Delhi Chief Secretary and the AAP government in Delhi.

The Delhi government has expressed its displeasure over the returning of some key files of the health department by Delhi Chief Secretary Anshu Prakash on March 11, 2018, just before the presentation of the annual budget. These files have the comments of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.

The Delhi CM office has informed that important files including those for the setting up of Mohalla clinics, poly clinics and implementation of various healthcare services in the national capital have been returned by the Delhi Chief Secretary.

According to the CM office, the files were related to fixing accountability in setting up of Mohalla and Poly Clinics, the key health priority sectors of the Delhi government.  

It said that this year the government will introduce an innovative concept in the budget. For most of the big projects, specific milestones and timelines will be presented before the Assembly to make the government more accountable to the Legislative Assembly.

“In the first file, the CM sought response over the non-completion of Mohalla Clinics in 830 sites despite having received No Objection Certificates from various departments. The health department has only been able to provide an estimated timeline for construction of 243 new Mohalla Clinics so far. None of the other details related to setting-up of these clinics have been mentioned so far,” said the CM office.

The second file contained only a tentative timeline of 12 months for the operationalisation of 47 Polyclinics in the first phase and another 47 in the second phase.

The CM office has added that the CM desired on the file that the CS should ensure how specific timelines will be adhered to, beginning from the deadline for completion of construction to recruitment of doctors and final operationalisation of these Mohalla Clinics, since the file sent to the CM did not contain any of the specific deadlines despite clear instructions from the Health Minister also.

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