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Drunk threatens docs with dire consequences in Delhi hospital

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 Rohit Shishodia
The doctors in Delhi government run ASBH hospital are an agitated lot as their salaries are not paid on time and there is very little security to protect them from assaults. The response of the authorities is largely bureaucratic.

Barely four days ago, resident doctors were assaulted in the Delhi government-run Sushrut Trauma Centre. And now, doctors at Delhi government-run Acharya Shree Bhikshu Hospital (ASBH) have been threatened and verbally abused by a drunken man who was reportedly unhappy over delay in treatment of his wife.

The drunk manhandled a lady security guard deputed at the emergency entrance who only allowed his wife entry into the emergency. The man also used uncivilized language with the doctors and Chief Medical Officer in the emergency wards.

When his MLC was done and he was found under the high influence of alcohol, he expressed regret to the doctors in presence of the police but warned doctors of dire consequences in future.

This has created a fear among junior and resident doctors in the hospital. They fear that they can be attacked any time. They are disappointed with the hospital administration and say it does not act on any incident and has not taken any step to increase security in ASBH.

Ultimately, it is the doctors who have to compromise with patients who attack them and later face their threats. One doctor said that misbehavior, abuse, assaults and threats from intoxicated patients have become quite routine.

The doctors also suffer untimely payment of their salary. They have not yet received the salary for March 2018. In March, they had struck work after which their salary for February 2018 was released within ten hours.

“The other issue is security which has always been overlooked by the administration. How long will we work under fear? It is too much to bear. First we are assaulted, then we are not paid in time and thirdly the security is just in name. Can doctors work in such conditions?,” asked a doctor of ASBH who did not wish to be named.

He said that even after Delhi High Court’s order for increasing security guards, ASBH administration has not increased security. “Last month we ended our strike after an assurance of increased security. Now we are facing the same situation again,” added the doctor.

Dr Bhaskar Verma, Medical Superintendent, ASBH, told DTMT that the file related to increasing the number of security guards has been sent to Delhi secretariat.

“We are waiting for it. We have also discussed the issue with the SHO and beat constable of the area,” said Dr Verma.

Dr Verma told DTMT that salary for March-2018 will be released within two days.

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