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Retrenched Rosewalk Hospital staff petition Kejriwal

Retrenched Rosewalk Hospital
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NEW DELHI: The staff has been retrenched and the hospital closed down. The staff is now seeking salary and compensation while the management appears to be adamant.

Employees of the Rosewalk Hospital, a private hospital in New Delhi, including consultant doctors, have complained to Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal against the hospital management's move to retrench nearly a hundred staffers.

The letter to the CM dated May 18, 2018, says: “The notice period of service is a period of one month with effect from May 8, 2018, to June 8, 2018, which is not sufficient for an employee to resettle with their career and livelihood.”

“The management has threatened in mail to all employees to vacate the premises on May 16, 2018, by 6 pm in spite of the employees being served a notice period till June 8, 2018,” it said.

The letter said that bouncers have been sent to the hospital premises where female staff are still present.

One of the protesters, Dr Nivedita Singh, said that the staff were told that the retrenchment was due to lack of funds and shall be effective June 8, 20 18. However, as on today also, the operations of the hospital have been discontinued and the OPD facilities have already been closed officially.

She further said that to get the pay and compensation, the staff has requested the management for a solution meeting.

The workers declared that since the management is not coming forth, they will stay put at the hospital (peacefully) and not leave unless their payments and compensation is made good.


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