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Security assured: Doctors end strike in Delhi hospital

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 Rohit Shishodia
The hospital management had to relent in face of the unity shown by the doctors.

The resident doctors of Delhi’s Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Hospital (SGMH) have called off their strike after getting an assurance from the hospital administration for increasing the number of security guards and installing CCTV cameras in the hospital.

The doctors were on strike since May 28, 2018, after some doctors were assaulted by a mob of 60 in the medical superintendent's office over the death of a child on May 27, 2018, in the pediatric ward.

The Medical Superintendent, SGMH, in a letter, has informed that one patient-one-attendant policy is being implemented with immediate effect (two attendants for sick patient and patient on trolley/wheel chair).

The MS said that 13 CCTV cameras will be installed on 13 locations in the hospital, identified by RDA members. The process of installing CCTV cameras will be completed within two weeks.

The MS said that one police constable will also be deployed in each of the three casualties in the hospital till regular security is enhanced. The guards from routine areas will be diverted to sensitive areas till additional guards are available.

“Immediate enhancing of security -- 30 security guards or civil defense volunteers in uniform will be placed at sensitive points within two weeks. Approval from LG will be pursued personally,” said the MS.

Proposal to increase security personnel from 121 to 235 will be completed at earliest, the MS assured.

However, the RDA members of SGMH have expressed unhappiness. In a letter to the MS, the members have said that rising political influence and interference in his office has left residents and senior doctors full of grudges at several times, especially when doctors confide in the MS as their mentor.

“Your plausible excuses and diplomatic stand might have been gainful to you in person but has weakened the belief of doctor fraternity in terms of unity and support,” said the RDA.

“The meeting, where doctors were assaulted, was called by you under pressure but without any proper security measures, which has led to such insulting and life threatening incident to our seniors. It was your responsibility to keep the secrecy of the meeting and to call the attendants to your office without discussion with board/resident doctors, as information was leaked from your end,” reads the letter.

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