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Strike in Delhi hospital after lady pharmacist assaulted

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 Rohit Shishodia
A lady waiting in queue for getting medicines assaulted a lady pharmacist.

Government hospitals in Delhi are now-a-days turning into venues of violence. Barely two days after resident doctors of the Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Hospital ended their strike after an assurance from the hospital administration for arranging security, around ten pharmacists of Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar Hospital in Rohini have struck work over the assault on a female pharmacist on June 2, 2018.

There was heavy rush of patients in the pharmacy block of the hospital. As Saturday is a half day of work, the patients became anxious that they would not be able to get medicines in time. The queue was long and patients were urging the pharmacist to distribute medicines quickly.

The pharmacist emerged from the counter and urged patients and attendants to remain calm. All were assured that they would get medicines.

“As I was urging patients to maintain calm and have a proper queue. A lady came out from the queue and punched me in the abdomen and the neck,” said the pharmacist, Manju Rani.

“No one came to save me. There is no security guard deputed in the pharmacy due to which people take us for granted,” said Rani.

This did not go down well with other pharmacists who immediately struck work and demanded the immediate deployment of security guard in the pharmacy block. This stopped the distribution of medicines.

“We will not resume work unless the hospital administration deputes a security guard. We have requested the administration for regular deployment of a guard but all in vain,” said Manju Rani.

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