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EDMC intensifies campaign to control vector-borne diseases

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 Priyanka Jha
As the dengue season approaches, the East Delhi Municipal Corporation is taking preventive measures to avert vector-borne diseases.

To prevent outbreak of vector born diseases, the East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC) has intensified its awareness campaign by engaging various sections of the society.

EDMC officials are meeting with school kids and teachers and also going door to door to make people aware about the prevention measures. They are meeting with the members of Resident Welfare Associations too.

Dr Som Shekhar, Additional Health Officer, EDMC, told DTMT that the East Corporation has prepared itself for dealing with any challenge of vector born diseases such as dengue, chikunguniya and malaria. Intersectional partners are also helping the EDMC to spread awareness.

Dr Shekhar emphasized the importance of preventive measures to control vector borne diseases.

Dr Shekhar said that EDMC has already conducted a massive awareness campaign in EDMC schools and their teaching staff, from May 15 to May 31, 2018.

Dr Shekhar added, “We have all kind of equipment to fight such diseases. We have adequate staff. We are checking mosquito breeding everyday. Malaria staff from each ward is visiting every door to make people understand that they should keep changing water regularly. People should also not allow water to accumulate in old tyres. We are following guidelines related to mosquito control.”

A total of 24 cases of malaria have been reported so far in Delhi in 2018. However, 18 of these malaria cases were of patients from outside Delhi and only six were from Delhi.

As per the data made available by the EDMC, the malaria season begins in earnest towards the end of July every year and reaches its full ferocity in August-September-October and declines thereafter.

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