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Baijal Asks Officers to Intensify Mosquito Control Measures

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  Priyanka Jha
The Delhi Lieutenant Governor, Mr Anil Baijal, earlier this week took a meeting of the officers of the Delhi government and of the three municipal corporations in Delhi over the issue of controlling water-borne diseases and H1N1 influenza.

The meeting took place even as pre-monsoon showers have hit Delhi, and monsoon is about to hit the national capital in full force, bringing with it the threat of dengue and chikungunya.

Interestingly, Mr Baijal instructed the officers to inquire from the neighbouring states of Delhi -- Uttar Pradesh and Haryana -- about the steps they were taking to combat the mosquito menace.

The meeting was held at the residence of the Lieutenant Governor. This was the third meeting convened by the LG on this matter.

It is understood that the officers placed before the LG a report of the steps taken in Delhi to control vector-borne diseases. They even presented comparative data of the current year and of the previous year to show that all is well.

However, as per sources, the LG told the officials to intensify their efforts to stop the collection of water and the breeding of mosquitoes in the city.

It is to be seen if meetings will be enough to control the mosquitoes or more work will have to be done in the field. The pre-monsoon showers have already exposed the poorly maintained drainage system in Delhi and if things continue like this, hospitals will have to be prepared to face a deluge of patients when the dengue-chikungunya season hits Delhi a month from now.

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