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RML Hospital finally gets water coolers

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NEW DELHI: Acting on various complaints that highlighted the issue of lack of cold potable water, the Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, New Delhi, has finally installed two new water coolers with RO systems to provide relief to thousands of patients and their attendants in soaring temperature.

In the absence of cold potable water, patients were left with no option but to purchase water bottles from the stalls. Besides, those who were not able to purchase water bottles were drinking hot water coming from the existing water taps in the hospital.

These two systems have been installed in front the Emergency Care Services at the hospital.

One of the systems has been made available to the hospital by Rakesh Bhatia, General Manager, Bank of Baroda, New Delhi Zone. The other one is from RML Hospital itself.

On the occasion, Hospital Director & Medical Superintendent Dr. V.K. Tiwari informed that the hospital always tries to provide better facilities to the patients.

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