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St. Stephen's Hospital-Delhi will pay hiked salaries to contract staff

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NEW DELHI: The St. Stephen's Hospital, Delhi, on October 1, 2018, said it will not go back to the pre-August wages, which were hiked by 37% by the Delhi government in March, 2018.

This is despite the government’s notification of salary hike having been quashed by the Delhi high court, leading to the many hospitals slashing the salaries of the employees in recent months. It is learnt that some hospitals are even asking employees to pay back the hiked salaries paid after the Delhi government notification. The notification was quashed by the high court in August, 2018.

Dr. Sudhir C. Joseph, Director of St. Stephen's hospital, told DTMT that the hospital will continue to give the increased salaries to 450 contractual staff of the hospital and not go back to the old pay structure like many private hospitals have done since September 2018.

Dr Joseph claimed that the hospital had revised the minimum wages for unskilled workers from Rs.9724/- per month to Rs.13350/- per month, an increase of over 37%. This was thereafter enhanced by means of variable DA to Rs.13896/- per month. The decision to hike wages was, however, quashed by the high court which said that the government had notified it in a “hurry”.

He stated that despite the rollback, taking a humanitarian approach, St. Stephen's Hospital continues to pay the higher wages to underpaid workers. This is over 40% more than the minimum required to be paid.

The hospital has voluntarily taken a burden of over Rs.2.85 crore per annum to ensure that the needy section of society is not suddenly deprived of about one-third of its income, Dr Joseph added.

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