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Delhi Govt.’s sole specialty hospital awaits MRI for 3 years

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NEW DELHI: The only government run super specialty hospital in India's national capital -- G B Pant Hospital -- is in a crippled condition as the MRI machines in the hospital have been non-functional since the year 2016.

Due to lack of MRI facility, patients have to travel from one hospital to another for the basic health test.

Doctors told DTMT that all the patients are referred to private hospitals or government hospitals like the nearby Lok Nayak Hospital to get the MRI done.

G B Pant Hospital’s MRIs are routinely being carried out privately for which the Delhi Government is paying. The lack of an MRI machine in the hospital has often delayed diagnostics. The hospital is a major centre for neurology, neurosurgery, gastroenterology and psychiatry treatment, which means MRI is one of the regularly required machines for the patients.

The hospital administration said that despite their repeated requests over the last two years to the state government, which runs the hospital, their demand has not been met.

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