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Campaign launched to curb honking on Delhi roads

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Dr. Chanchal Pal, ENT specialist, Moolchand Medcity, New Delhi

NEW DELHI : A drive to curb unnecessary honking on Delhi's roads has been launched by public health activists with the help of Delhi Traffic Police.

The “Hands Off The Horn” campaign by the 'Purpose' NGO identified violators at different traffic intersections. There was also a challan drive at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences-Delhi, where traffic tickets were issued to people honking unnecessarily.

“The goal of the campaign is to tackle the honking problem by increasing awareness and enforcement,” said Reecha Upadhyay, Campaigns Director, Purpose.

“Honking of horns is a main contributor to noise pollution in Delhi. The city has been rated by Worldwide Hearing Index as the noisiest city in India and the second noisiest in the world,” said Ms Upadhyay.

Dr. Chanchal Pal, ENT specialist, Moolchand Medcity, New Delhi, said: “The drive focuses on spreading awareness about the impact of honking on public health.”

She highlighted the serious health implications of noise pollution including deafness, sleep disorders, heart conditions and cognitive impairment in children.

The doctor clarified, “The law specifies the permissible decibel level in a silent zone at between 50dB and 55dB in residential areas. A CSE study had revealed that the ITO intersection in Delhi saw noise levels as high as 106dB due to vehicular honking.”

In Delhi, hospitals and schools are declared as silent zones, and unnecessary honking around them is an offense. The government has set a Rs 100 penalty for first violation and Rs 300 thereafter.


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