RML Hospital's guidelines to prevent infections

RML Hospital
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Dr VK Tiwari, Medical Superintendent, RML Hospital

The RML Hospital, Delhi, has made guidelines to prevent transmission of infections, a move aimed at strengthening efficient infection control programme in the backdrop of emergence of life threatening infections.

The Infection Control Guidelines were made by the Department of Microbiology on the Hand Hygiene Day in the hospital.

Dr (Prof) Nandini Duggal, HoD, Department of Microbiology, told DTMT, "The main purpose of the guidelines is to save the hospital workers and the environment from the transmission of infections. The exact objectives of the guidelines are to provide directions and information in relation to equipment, and procedures necessary to implement standard and extra precautions for control of infections."

Dr Duggal said, "Good infection control programme like hand hygiene also considerably reduces patient’s morbidity and mortality, length of hospital stay and cost related with hospital stay.”

Dr VK Tiwari, Medical Superintendent, RML Hospital, encouraged all healthcare workers to follow the steps of hand hygiene diligently.

Dr Tiwari said ample evidence is available that hospital acquired infections can significantly be reduced by practicing the simple steps of hand hygiene.

The Medical Superintendent asked all healthcare workers to take a pledge to reach out to at least 10 people and emphasize its importance.

On the occasion, the hospital infection control teams went to different areas in the hospital to demonstrate movements and steps of hand hygiene.   

According to an RML Hospital statement, “About 700 health care workers, patients and their attendants were sensitized on the occasion.”


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