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Broken machine: Surgeries not possible in NDMC hospital

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Patient Mamawni Tahai

NEW DELHI : Patients in the Charak Palika Hospital, Moti Bagh, a big hospital run by the New Delhi Municipal Council, are being denied surgeries because of broken machines that have not been working for the past one year.

Mamawni Tahai, 34, from Myanmar and currently living in Sitapuri, Delhi, told DTMT that she is waiting for more than one year for gallbladder removal surgery at the hospital and has been denied treatment.

Ms Tahai was admitted in the Department of Anesthesiology at Charak Hospital for severe pain in her upper abdomen, near the rib cage, in April last year. Her required surgery has been rescheduled many times. Every time, the hospital authorities told her that the Anesthesia machine was not working and she was asked to come later. Ms Tahai said that she was not the only one who was denied treatment. Many patients were turned away by the authorities.

“Doctors keep you waiting for months and on the day of the surgery they back off saying the machine is still not working,” she said.

The vital Anesthesia machine at NDMC Charak Palika Hospital has been a casualty forcing the doctors at the hospital to refer patients to private facilities or asking them to come whenever the machine gets repaired.

Due to lack of this vital machine, patients in the hospital are suffering, as doctors are unable to plan their procedures and conduct diagnosis. Some patients have pointed out that they were referred to very expensive private hospitals for treatment.

Senior doctors at the Charak Hospital have said that the high-end diagnostic machines are under tremendous pressure because of the huge patient load.


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