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Vaccination delivering death blow to corona

 The Indian Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi, took a shot of Covaxin, the India-made vaccine against the Coronavirus, in the morning of March 1, 2021, at the All India Institute of

Safety of corona vaccine of paramount importance

 As we enter the month of December, 2020, and the coronavirus has been with us in India for some ten months now, it seems that we are in the last lap and it is only a question of ti

Light at the end of the coronavirus tunnel

 As we enter the month of November, 2020, we, in India, can now clearly see the light at the end of the corona tunnel. The daily corona cases across the country have now halved from

Corona recedes, time to address other illnesses

 As this issue of your newspaper reaches you, the coronavirus pandemic is into its ninth month. In parts of the country, like the national capital Delhi, the coronavirus has had its

Corona has its limits, avoid risk, restart Life

 As this issue of your newspaper reaches you, the Coronavirus pandemic is in full fury across the country, marching into new towns and villages, infecting more and more people, and killing some of them. Given

As corona recedes, let us count our blessings

 As this issue of your newspaper reaches you, the Coronavirus pandemic is showing that it is not as bad as it appeared to be in the beginning. Corona is on the wane in cities like D

Healthcare is your right, but fend for yourself

 Even as in recent years health-related issues have taken centre stage in India's political discourse, and have also started determining electoral outcomes to an extent, it is s

37.9% stunted children indicates a food crisis

A startling piece of news has come to the fore in recent days to the effect that as many as 37.9 percent of children in India up to the age of five years are stunted.

Ayushman Bharat: Successful on all fronts

 As one full year has passed since the launch of the Ayushman Bharat health insurance scheme  by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, it is the right time to evaluate the impact that

Monetize assets and save health sector

The union budget recently presented in Parliament by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has not exactly drawn applause from any section of the healthcare industry in India. This is because there were expectations

Perils of over-regulating health sector

 A tendency has been witnessed in recent days of various arms of the Indian government attempting to over-regulate the domestic pharmaceutical and health industry by changing rules

Health issues to decide who wins polls

Even as the election campaign for the April-May Lok Sabha polls to elect a new Central Government in India is now in full swing, the impact of emotive issues seems to be receding and more

Right to Health: Work Still in Progress

 Does the Right to health, and the right to get proper treatment in government and private hospitals, exist on the ground for the ordinary Indians who do not have a surfeit of money or influence? Given the or

Make healthcare budget outcome-oriented

Even as Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asserted that the country's public health spending will be increased to 2.5 percent of GDP by the year 2025, the fact remains that the problems that confront India'

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