Delhi-AIIMS develops apps to manage severe mental illness patients

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Prof Mamta Sood

Rohit Shishodia

The biggest and the most reputed hospital of the national capital, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) has developed smartphone apps—Saksham and Disha to manage severe mental illnesses such as schizophrenia at home.

These smartphone applications can be operated by patients and their caregivers.

These applications have been developed by Delhi-AIIMS in association with National Institute for Health Research, UK.

As the family members play a key role in taking care of these patients with severe mental illness in India, these applications will be quite helpful, unlike the western world where patients with mental health issues manage themselves.

The applications are likely to be launched in January 2022 once it gets approval from the Indian Health Ministry, Delhi-AIIMS doctors said in a press briefing.

While speaking exclusively to Drug Today Medical Time (DTMT)’s, Dr. Mamta Sood, Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Delhi-AIIMS, said, “Two apps Saksham and Disha have been made for patients of severe mental illness who cannot come to the hospital. The Saksham app has been made for patients with chronic severe mental illness. This is called psycho social intervention.”

“The apps include components psycho-education, advice on medicine, diet, physical health and stress. This is basically for self-management. It will be ensured by the apps if patients are managing themselves in time or not,” she added.


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