Road accidents claim one life every 4 minutes in India: AIIMS doctor

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Dr Praveen Aggarwal

Rohit Shishodia

Road accidents continue to be one of the major killers in India. The injuries resulting from accidents make people disabled, ruin their lives and leave the families in a lurch. However, people still do not learn lessons and ignore safety protocol while driving two-wheelers and other vehicles. There is a need for mega awareness, say experts at Delhi-AIIMS while speaking at a conference on road safety recently.

Speaking exclusively to Drug Today Medical Times, Dr Praveen Aggarwal, HOD, Department of Emergency Medicine, Delhi-AIIMS, said, “Around 4,50,000 road traffic accidents occur in India every year. 1, 50,000 people lose their lives in these accidents, translating into one death every four minutes.”

Dr Aggarwal informed that a total of 200 cases of road traffic accidents report to Delhi-AIIMS every day. 40 out of these 200 patients come in serious conditions. Around 30% of serious patients of accident cases are found to be not wearing helmets, which result in serious head injuries.

He emphasized that most of the deaths occur among the 15 to 29 years age group. “This is a very serious issue for us. Massive awareness is needed to prevent these accidents and deaths,” he added.

On challenges of road injuries, Dr Aggarwal pointed out that in Delhi, bikers use footpaths, which is meant for walking. These bikers not only endanger their lives but that of others too. They take wrong U-turns and enter accident-prone zones. This is one problem that needs to be seriously looked into.

“The other problem is that most of the bikers don’t wear helmets. Some don’t wear them properly. This can be prevented through massive awareness and education,” he added.

Dr.Patanjali Dev Nayar, Regional Adviser, Disability, Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation, WHO, said that pre-hospital care plays a pivotal role in saving lives in road accidents. There should be prompt availability of ambulances and other lifesaving interventions in these critical situations.

“Emergency medicine departments should be set up in every medical care centre with inpatient facilities to tackle road accident cases on a priority basis,” he emphasised.


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