80% of hypertensive woman are obese in Delhi, Bengaluru: Study

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Rohit Shishodia  

80 per cent of hypertensive women living in Delhi and Bengaluru are obese or overweight while 67 per cent of them have a high Waist Hip Ratio (WHR), an early indication of the onset of Cardio Vascular Disease (CVD), a study conducted by India Health Link in collaboration with HEAL Foundation revealed.

In the study, 1599 respondents participated from residential societies and patients from private hospitals. There were 1103 respondents from the hospitals and 496 from residential societies.

The study had 68 per cent men and 38 per cent women participants. The sample diagnostic test results of the participants were collected from IHL’s digital Kiosk/Health ATMs. The test parameters included participants’ demographics, gender, and age, BMI, BP and Waist HIP Ratio.

Dr HK Chopra, Senior Consultant of Cardiology, Medanta Moolchand Heart Institute, Delhi, said, “Metabolic syndromes like obesity and hypertensive are significantly associated with the risk of the incidence of CVDs’ however, recent studies have revealed that WHR is also a strong indicator of the early onset of CVDs”

Dr Satynder Goel, Founder and CEO of IHL, said, “The study has brought out that there is a strong correlation between the increasing WHR, BMI and BP, and the rising incidence of CVDs in the younger population. But in the study, one striking finding revealed that 80% of hypertensive women are obese, and 67% of them have a high WHR. And overall, women are found to be more at risk of undiagnosed cardiovascular problems than men.”

Commenting on the study, Dr HK Chopra said, “Indians are not used to prioritizing their preventive care and go for initial screening; hence many such preventable diseases are not diagnosed early, resulting in an increasing disease burden. There is a lack of awareness about heart health and its link to other metabolic vitals in our society.”



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