Cancer misdiagnosis in the UK: Woman's breasts removed

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A 28-year-old mother in the United Kingdom has come under mental trauma after she was misdiagnosed for double mastectomy, a medical term used for the surgical removal of both breasts.

In 2016, Sarah Boyle was told by the doctors of University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust that she had triple negative cancer. She was misdiagnosed by doctors following the birth of her youngest child.

Resident of Stoke-On-Trent, she was administered a number of injections, chemotherapy and medication before she underwent double mastectomy. In 2017, when she consulted doctors at Royal Stoke University, who told her that her biopsy report was misread and she was misdiagnosed for double mastectomy.

This shocked her. Doctors also told her that reconstructive breast surgery could lead to diseases in future. So that too added to her trauma.

Boyle has been quoted as saying that it is not just the physical effects that she had been left with, but also the mental torture of what she had been through.

Boyle said that if somebody at young age is told that she is suffering from cancer, it would be hard enough for her to face jolt. It was after months that she was informed that tests and treatment that she underwent was unnecessary. She said that it was not sure if she would ever fully come to terms with this situation.


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