3 Awesome Play Store Solitaire Apps: Be Enchanted by Them

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When you dive into the world of free solitaire apps, you’ll never go back to shuffling a real-life deck again. Solitaire online is where fantasies live, and the creative side of your brain thrives when you encounter these games. We mean…building castles, fighting dragons, forming empires, and sailing uncharted waters all by ? Come on, how do you beat that? And if you happen to be completely oblivious of these portals to dreamlands, then OH, BOY/GIRL, you are missing out! But fear not, you won’t have to live in the dark anymore.

Below, we will give to you a fabulous list of solitaire online apps which you can download and play to keep up with the trends.
Solitales: Garden & Solitaire Card Game in One by Ten Square Games
Solitales takes the classic solitaire game and flips it on its head. It follows the story of Simon Green, a garden and home decorator, who is on a mission to help people make their dilapidated gardens alive again. With every round of the solitaire card games that you win, you can plant new & colorful flowers to renovate dead yards. You have complete freedom to design the place however you want, which is great for expressing your artistic side! There are 1000+ levels in this free solitaire online game for you to try, and the more you play, the more gardens, stories, and collectables you’ll unlock. And remember to water your flowers daily to keep your garden alive!

Pyramid Solitaire Saga by King

When you play solitaire in this app, you’ll need more than just strategy; you’ll need MAGIC! This mystery solitaire puzzle game lets you discover hidden worlds, fulfill ancient Egyptian prophecies, and uncover lost truths. This free solitaire online game even lets you cast spells to overcome traps and mummies lurking underneath cards as you try to solve the classic solitaire pyramid. By the way, you don’t have to play solitaire on this app alone; you can invite friends and compete for the top spots on the leaderboard. Finally, this app has hundreds of intriguing solitaire puzzles for you to solve and it’s super easy to sync the game across Download from This Site .

Solitaire Masters by Monster Brain Studios Limited

This is a heart-pounding, multiplayer, free solitaire app based on the classic solitaire card game of Klondike; and this game is a fan favorite! In this app, you can take part in heated card duels in entertaining cities like Vegas, and you can place money on the line to create that high-pressure atmosphere. In addition, you can compete against one person or try to beat the odds in a tournament-style event. Either way, all the matches will be in real time. This free solitaire online app is very strategy-oriented and you’re sure to make lasting memories as you go through the whole range of emotions when playing this alluring game.


To miss out on these exotic goodies would just be self-torture. Now that your eyes see this spectacular list of free solitaire online apps before you, what are you waiting for? Go download them and experience a whole new era of solitaire card games.


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