''Not About Personal Choice'': Biden slams vaccine-hesitant Americans

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US President Joe Biden

Misbah Ali

President Joe Biden on September 10, 2021 blamed the Americans who are vaccine-hesitant for preventing the US from overcoming the coronavirus pandemic.

“A distinct minority of Americans supported by a distinct minority of elected officials are keeping us from turning the corner,” President Biden said in a televised White House address during which he introduced a new vaccination plan affecting some 100 million people.

“The unvaccinated overcrowd our hospitals, are overrunning emergency rooms and intensive care units, leaving no room for someone with a heart attack or pancreatitis or cancer,” Biden added, of the 80 million eligible people who have refused coronavirus vaccine.

The biggest fundamental point of the plan will involve ordering private companies employing more than 100 people to ensure all employees are inoculated or tested weekly—a measure that will affect an estimated 80 million people.

“This is not about freedom or personal choice, it's about protecting yourself and those around you, people you work with, people you care about the people you love,” the President said.

Biden noted that many large companies and even Fox News, which is highly critical of the current administration, had already ordered similar moves.

“The bottom line: We’re going to protect vaccinated workers from unvaccinated co-workers. We’re going to reduce the spread of COVID-19 by increasing the share of the workforce that is vaccinated in businesses all across America,” President Biden further added.


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