Global COVID cases almost doubled during the past 24 hours: Data

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Amid falling numbers of COVID-19 infections across the globe in recent days, the number of new infections almost doubled over the past 24 hours, data from the reference site Worldometer shows.

Compared to a day before when over 350,000 new cases were reported across the world, over 730,000 new cases were reported on June 21, 2022.

The day also recorded 1,235 new deaths compared to 818 deaths a day before.

So far 6,343,455 people have lost their lives to the disease in the pandemic while 545,711,181 people have been infected.

While the most number of cases has been reported from Germany (122,597 new cases) during the day, Brazil with 219 reported maximum number of deaths by a country during the previous 24 hours overtook Taiwan.

The United States, which remains the worst affected country in the pandemic, reported 69,398 new cases and 174 deaths during the past 24 hours.

While the new infection dropped by 2% globally in the past one week, European and African countries are seeing a surge in infections in the recent weeks, the data further revealed.

Weekly trends reveal that new cases in Europe and Africa rose by 23% and 21% respectively compared to the previous week, while they fell in the rest of the continents barring Oceania where they rose marginally.


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