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WHO: 3 lakh women die of cervical cancer in a year

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Cervical cancer takes 300000 lives of girls and women across the globe in one year. The World Health Organization (WHO) has said that cervical cancer is a major threat to women’s health but it can prevented through strategic planning.

The WHO said that more than half a million women are diagnosed for cervical cancer. Every minute, one woman is diagnosed. The agency added that most of these women are not diagnosed early enough, and lack access to life-saving treatment.

Some studies have revealed that prevention and early treatment of cervical cancer are also highly cost-effective.

The WHO data states that 9 in 10 women who die from cervical cancer are in poor countries. Some of the most vulnerable women in our world die unnecessarily.

The new diagnoses for cervical cancer can be reduced in two ways: HPV vaccination and screening of the cervix with follow on treatment of early changes before cancer appears.

The data states that worldwide most women diagnosed with cervical cancer are with advanced stage, where opportunity for recovery or cure is small. This is compounded by lack of access to life-saving treatment in settings where the burden and need is highest.

The WHO has pointed out that preventive measures such as vaccination against human papillomavirus, screening and treatment of pre-cancerous lesions, early detection, prompt treatment of early invasive cancers and palliative care are required.  

The WHO said that to eliminate cervical cancer requires political commitment and greater international cooperation and support for equitable access, including strategies for resource mobilization.


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