Pharmaceutical companies in India
Pharmaceutical companies in India

Monster doctor in Pakistan: Did he give AIDS to 500 people?

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Ravish Mishra
A doctor in Pakistan, who himself has AIDS, has been arrested and is being investigated for having deliberately passed on the deadly disease to some 500 people, mostly children, in villages in Larkana district. These 510 people have tested positive for HIV, as per the authorities.

Sikandar Memon, head of the AIDS Control Program in Sindh province, said officials have screened 13,800 people from Larkana and 410 children and 100 adults tested positive for HIV.

Pakistan has registered over 23,000 HIV cases. HIV is usually spread in the country by unsterilized syringes.

The HIV outbreak in Larkana was apparently started when local physician Muzaffar Ghangharo infected patients in early April.

Ghangharo was arrested earlier this month and police are trying to determine if he knowingly spread the disease.


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