Collective efforts required for tackling air pollution

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Dr Anil Goyal

Rohit Shishodia

There is a need for collective efforts to reduce the level of air pollution in Delhi and other parts of North India. It has to be out of box thinking such as moving out from petroleum based energy to clean energy, says expert.

Dr Anil Goyal, Head, Goyal Urology Center, Delhi, said that it is also the responsibility of the government in handling the problem of air pollution, which is seriously affecting the health of all.

Dr Goyal pointed out that ICU admissions have increased among patients of respiratory infections triggered by air pollution.

“A total of three to four patients complaining of breathing difficulties are getting admitted every day to the hospital,” he added.

On prevailing air pollution in Delhi-NCR, Dr Goyal said, “I have been observing Delhi’s air quality has been deteriorating drastically over the last ten years in Delhi. There is a need to understand why this happens. The pollutants emanating from vehicles are major contributors for increasing the level of poor air quality.”

 “We need to restrict movement of vehicles. Odd-Even can be handy in this. People should be encouraged to use public transport. We can cycle for short distances and use buses for long distances. In fact, we have to give immediate thought to it. We have to think about our upcoming generation,” Dr Goyal explained.

“As prevention from air pollution and viral disease, we use N95 masks. In fact, we have to make it a habit to go round the clock. There is a need to curb use of fuels to control indoor pollution especially where elders reside,” he advised.      

“It is not correct to entirely blame stubble for the air pollution. We have to provide cheap alternatives to the farmers to handle stubbles. There should be a strong mechanism to check unauthorised industries too,” Dr Goyal said.

“To control dust, agencies are sprinkling water on roads but people too can sprinkle water in front of their homes to ensure that smog is not formed. Smog consists of dust, pollutants, other gases such as carbon monoxide and superoxide and other carcinogenic material. All these harm health,” Dr Goyal stressed.

“Government should also look at alternative fuels such as ethanol to solve the serious issue. We have to move clean energy from fossil based energy. Hydrogen, electricity and ethanol can be better substitutes,” Dr Goyal pointed out.


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