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Individual efforts can curb air pollution impact: Experts

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 Rohit Shishodia
Doctors have said that efforts at individual level are needed to curb impact of air pollution in India. They warned that upcoming generation will have to face dangerous consequences if efforts to reduce level of pollution are not made.

They have pointed out that not only air pollution, but water and other environment factors are also endangering lives of humans and other species.

Dr Sanjay K Rai, Professor, Department of Community Medicine, Delhi-AIIMS, told DTMT: “Air pollution kills 21 lakh people in India. Air pollution is the fifth largest killer in India and across the globe. It not only impacts humans but the overall eco system. We need to tackle it individually. We need to think it globally but act locally.”

Speaking on the National Pollution Control Day at Delhi-AIIMS at an event organized by Society of Young Scientists, Dr Rai added, “We are only talking about air pollution but we also need to consider other pollutions. Every individual has to contribute to tackle it. For example, we all use packed Mother Dairy foods”

“If we cut the corner of the packed thelly, then this slight corner of plastic will add million tonnes of waste. These plastic corners will fall into water. Mixed with water, this wastage will be eaten by insects and kill them. The insects have disappeared. If you do not cut the corner of the plastic, a lot of plastic can be saved,” he added.

“Similarly, we can curb burning crackers. We cannot entirely depend on government and government cannot change everything quickly, but we have to initiate individually,” he explained.

Dr Jitendra Nagar, Environmentalist from Delhi University, said that air of Delhi has become toxic. Particulate matter above 300 in the air are known as health emergency and above 400 there is 100% emergency that means every sector or office should be shut down. It means one should not come out of his home.

“Not only air pollution but everything seems to be polluted. Air, water and food are entirely polluted. If we get the samples of food checked, you will find that all food is contaminated. I mean to say we have to improve ourselves. We have to segregate waste. We have to educate kids about it. We have to conserve water. We have to seek alternative source of transportation such as CNG and electric vehicles,” he added.

“Burning of coal for power generation has to be reduced. We have to look towards solar and wind energy. At individual level, you can reduce power by switching off fans, bulbs and this will reduce coal burning. Prefer walking instead of personal vehicles for short distance,” said Dr Nagar.


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