Mission Delhi: Heart attack patient treated at doorstep

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Mission Delhi team under Dr Praveen Aggarwal, Head, Emergency Department, AIIMS-Delhi, treated a 52-year-old heart attack patient successfully at his doorstep. This doorstep treatment was for the first time in the country, using clot buster drug, officials said.

The team received an emergency call from CRPF Camp, RK Puram, at 10:40 AM and reach the spot within 10 minutes. They immediately attended to the patient, who was having severe chest discomfort.

The ECG was transmitted to the doctor in the control room and senior cardiologist at AIIMS. Within minutes, diagnosis of heart attack was confirmed and instructions for the administration of clot buster therapy, after taking all precautions, was conveyed to the first responders.

By this time, they had already given him first aid and preliminary drugs. For the patient and his colleagues, it was a mixed feeling of shock and relief when they came to know about the problem and also immediate availability of the treatment for the same.

The patient was given clot buster drug (Injection Tenectaplase 45mg) for immediate relief and was transferred to AIIMS-Delhi emergency by ambulance for further management.

Later on, investigations revealed that his blood vessel to the heart had opened up successfully because of timely treatment. This was the first time in India that clot buster medicine was administered for heart attack at patient’s doorstep before reaching hospital.

People living within a 5-km radius of AIIMS can avail an emergency mobile medical service in case of anyone suffering a heart attack or chest pain with the authorities expanding the initiative's reach.


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