Corona cases reach 81 in India: Health Ministry

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Mr Luv Agarwal, Joint Secretary, Union Health Ministry

Rohit Shishodia
The Indian Health Ministry has tweeted that as on March 13, 2020, as many as 81 cases of corona virus have been tested positive. Of these, three from Kerala were treated and discharged. In addition, seven more in Safdarjung hospital, Delhi, have also recovered.

In a media briefing on March 13, 2020, Mr Luv Agarwal, Joint Secretary, Union Health Ministry, said “Till now, there are 81 confirmed cases in India, out of which 64 are Indians, 16 Italian and one Canadian national.

Agarwal added that 124 evacuees from Japan and 112 evacuees from China are being discharged from today onwards after having tested negative for coronavirus in second round of tests.

On evacuation of Indians stranded in Italy, Ms Rubina Ali, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Civil Aviation, said: “Air India would be taking a flight to Milan (Italy) to bring back Indians stranded there. The flight would take off tomorrow afternoon and would be landing on Sunday morning at Delhi Airport.”

“Around 220 students are in and around Milan, Italy. Our priority is to bring them back. If any other students are left behind they can contact our missions, and we will see what next we can do,” said Dammu Ravi from Ministry of External Affairs.  

According to the health ministry, government has brought 42,296 passengers under community surveillance out of which 2,559 were symptomatic and 522 hospitalized including 17 foreign nationals.


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