Pharmaceutical companies in India
Pharmaceutical companies in India

Covid-19 notices on houses: Panic in colonies in Delhi

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A house with Covid-19 stricker in Sant Nagar

Panic gripped some residential areas of  Sant Nagar in North Delhi after authorities pasted Covid-19 stickers at several houses.

As many as 12 homes in the locality are under the quarantine watch for coronavirus. All such houses were stamped with stickers to ensure social distancing.

People clicking photos of these houses for their WhatsApp group members have made it difficult for the residents of these houses to do their daily routine.

"Things have become normal now after negative test report, but locals are still scared to walk past the house and most of the residents shifted from here, ” said a shopkeeper in the lane where a house was marked with Covid-19 sticker.

"Nothing is normal since the sticker was pasted at a house in the lane. After that, I am also looking for some other place to set up my grocery shop," he added.

"Healthcare workers and Delhi police officials are watching 24 hours almost all people in my family," said Mel Singh, whose son Pradeep returned from Dubai on March 22 and since then the family members are under home quarantine.

"Regular updates are being taken by the officials to check whether any member in the family develops any symptoms of the disease,” he said.

Health workers are regularly visiting all houses marked with the stickers and asking family members to remain in quarantine.

“If the pandemic were to spread here, we do not know how things will be handled," said the general secretary of the Residents Welfare Association in the colony.

He expressed the fear: "An outbreak here will be our worst nightmare."


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