AIIMS staffer collapses, dies, no help from passersby

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 Rohit Shishodia

Fear of corona virus is so deeply instilled in the minds of residents of Delhi that they refrain from offering help to someone who collapses in the middle of the road or becomes unconscious. They fear that the person may have Covid and helping him may invite coronavirus infection.

This is what happened to a 65-year-old Delhi-AIIMS employee who collapsed in the Yusuf Sarai market and lay unconscious but no one came forward to help him. It is reported that he continued to lie on the ground for three hours without any help.

A Delhi police head constable arranged a PPE kit to wear it and took him in an ambulance. The patient was taken to Lal Bahadur Hospital in East Delhi where he was declared dead. The delay in treatment could be the cause of his death.

Mr Atul Thakur, DCP, South Delhi, informed the media that intimation was given to police about a man lying unconscious in the Yusuf Sarai market. He was first taken to a nearby hospital but the ambulance driver was not sure that the patient would get treatment there. So, he was taken to Lal Bahadur Shastri Hospital where he was declared dead. The hospital administration said that it is not clear whether the patient died of Covid or not.


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