Corona: Monkeys snatch blood samples from lab technicians

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 Rohit Shishodia

In an incident highlighting major negligence, a group of monkeys snatched blood samples from lab technicians in Meerut Medical College in Uttar Pradesh. The blood samples were collected from Covid patients for routine tests.

Dr SK Garg, Principal, Meerut Medical College, informed that a troop of monkeys took away blood samples from lab technicians. He added that the snatched blood samples do not include Covid-19 swab test samples.

It is learned that monkey menace is not new in the medical college but it is not taken seriously by the hospital administration. It  is possible that like blood samples, monkeys can also snatch throat swabs which are taken to diagnose Covid but the hospital management does not seem to be serious about tackling the monkey menace in the hospital.


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