74-year-old brain dead donates organs, saves 2 lives

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Consent to donate liver and lungs of brain dead by family members saved two lives at Mumbai’s Global Hospitals. The man, who was suffering from kidney disease, sustained a fall at home which led to large intracranial bleeding, an inoperable condition. The patient was declared brain dead.

His CT Brain was suggestive of large intracranial bleed with intraventricular extension with midline shift and transtentorial herniation. An urgent neurosurgical reference was done and the family counseled regarding the condition of the patient.

Dr Prashant Borade, Head- Critical Care Unit, Global Hospitals, Mumbai, said, “The patient sustained a fall at home and was brought by his relatives to the emergency. As he had a large intracranial bleed which was inoperable as per the neurosurgeon, we counselled the family regarding organ donation after 24 hours of observation. The family unanimously agreed to donate all the organs and the necessary tests were conducted. The liver and lungs were retrieved on July 30, 2020 and gave a fresh lease of life to 2 patients.”

Dr. Bharat Shah, general secretary, Zonal Transplant Coordination Center, Director, Institute of Renal Sciences, with whom the patient was admitted said that this case shows that even at an old age like his and even those with diabetes, high blood pressure and kidney disease, can donate organs that are functioning well.

“In this case, the kidneys had failed and he was on dialysis but his liver and lungs were good enough for donation. Similarly, we have done kidney transplant with the organs of a patient who had died of liver failure,” he added.


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