Shocker in Delhi: 18 days of docs' strike, salaries still not paid

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 Ravish Mishra
Doctors and paramedical staff working in Delhi's Hindu Rao, Kasturba Gandhi and Rajan Babu hospitals, who are on partial strike for the last 18 days seeking their three months' unpaid salaries, are now at their wits' end. They have now run out of their savings and are living on money borrowed from friends and relatives.

In desperation, some one hundred of them took their protest to Jantar Mantar, but still to no avail.

All these three hospitals are run by the North Delhi Municipal Corporation, which is unable to give any date by when the pending salaries will be paid. It appears that the Corporation will not have the funds to pay the salaries even by November. Non payment of salaries on time is an endemic problem faced by these doctors and paramedics working for the North Corporation in Delhi.

These doctors and paramedics last received their salaries in June. The corporations in Delhi are ruled by the BJP and it is inexplicable why this problem is not being sorted out with the intervention of the central government, especially as the matter has been brought to the notice of the Mayor, the Prime Minister and the President.

Paying lip service to the heroism of the doctors and medics by calling them corona warriors seems funny if just after that these workers, who risk their lives day and night for the patients' welfare, are not paid their salaries for months and it appears that the government just does not care.

It is the need of the hour for the top level at the central government to immediately intervene and sort out this problem, for, it is emerging as a glaring example of total misgovernance. It is a pity, and quite needless.


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