Next 90 days to determine Covid spread: Dr Vardhan

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 Rohit Shishodia
Considering the upcoming festivals where people are expected to come out in large numbers, Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan has said that the next three months are going to be decisive in determining the situation of Covid in the country. He said this while reviewing the Covid situation in Uttar Pradesh with the state health minister and officials.

“If we take adequate precaution and follow Covid appropriate behaviour in the coming festival and winter season, we will be in a better position to fight Corona,” said the minister.  

Dr Vardhan informed that in the last three months, the country has seen significant improvement in the Covid parameters. “From recording over 95,000 cases in a day, the cases have been substantially reduced to less than 55,000 cases in a day. The recovery rate of India is nearing 90%. The case fatality rate is also declining. CFR stands at 1.51% and is moving towards the target of having CFR less than 1%”, he said.

He further explained, “The number of active cases are less than 7 lakh and the doubling rate has increased to 97.2 days, as of now. The journey started from having just one lab. We have come a long way in now having nearly 2000 labs in the country. The number of total tests conducted across the country have surpassed 10 crore. This is a positive indication that we are moving in the right direction.”

He further added, “For a big state like Uttar Pradesh, it becomes important that maximum thrust is given to simple precautionary measures which are effective in preventing the Coronavirus to a large extent, like wearing mask/face cover especially in public spaces, and following hand and respiratory etiquettes.”


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