Take Covid precautions in festivals: Health Ministry

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 Rohit Shishodia
The Indian Health Ministry has advised that people should stay safe and follow Covid appropriate behavior in upcoming winters and festivals when people usually throng to markets and possibility of transmission of the virus becomes higher.

Covid appropriate behavior includes wearing mask correctly to cover mouth and nose, frequent hand washing or use of sanitizer and maintaining social distancing.

The ministry has said that this time people should celebrate festivals while wearing a mask and maintain required physical distance. The ministry has said that people should not ignore their safety while preparing for festivals.

“Every time, every where people should practice Covid appropriate behavior. The distance of six feet and wearing mask is must,” advised the ministry through a poster.

Not only the health ministry but several experts, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, have appealed to people not to be complacent due to decrease in Covid cases and to continue to follow mask wearing, hand hygiene and physical distancing of at least six feet.

Doctors have said that winters suit the nature of Covid and it can spread more as compared to other months and seasons. They pointed out that gathering of people in festivals could be a super spreader.

However, it seems people are not following the doctors’ advise on Covid. Take the example of Bihar poll rallies where not only hundreds but thousands of people throng without a mask and are in close proximity to others. 


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