Robotic knee replacement to heal severe arthritis

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Launch of CUVIS by CM BS Yediyurappa



Claiming that it is the world’s first fully active robotic knee replacement system, Sakra World Hospital, Bengalauru, has said that this  breakthrough technology is set to empower the orthopaedic surgeons to plan the knee replacement days before they enter the operation theatre to actually conduct the procedure. The treatment is expected to provide quick healing to patients of severe arthritis.

The doctors have pointed out that the fully active nature of CUVIS Joint (the technology) helps in conducting joint replacement surgeries in an exceptional manner requiring least human intervention.

They emphasized that in addition to the maximum precision, accuracy and flexibility on offer, it has features for maximum safety as well. It takes help of CT-Scan images to develop patient-specific 3D bone models and does the virtual simulation of joint replacement surgeries personalized for each patient.

With sub-millimeter dimensional accuracy, it helps to get the optimal post-surgery outcomes for joint replacement.

The benefits that this avant-garde robotic technology brings in include lesser tissue trauma and associated blood loss, faster recovery, early hospital discharge and best possible implant positioning with maximum cutting accuracy.

This treatment also promises to redefine the lives of those suffering from acute arthritis and give them an active life like never before.

Explaining how Cuvis Joint can transform knee replacement surgeries, Dr Chandrasekhar P, Senior Consultant and Head, Department of Orthopaedics, Sakra World Hospital, said, "We first conduct a CT scan before the surgery. The images from the CT scan are loaded in the robotic software. The surgeon sits with the software and prepares the 3D anatomy of the patient's knee joint and prepares the surgical plan that shows how the implantable knee would look like side to side, front to front and oblique direction.”

“Even before the surgery starts, the planning is done. Once the surgeon enters the operation theatre, the CT landmarks are already loaded in this software and the surgery can be conducted smoothly. This robotic software allows three stage planning: pre-operative plan, plan during the procedure and post-operative plan which shows if the surgery has been done as per the plan and whether the same anatomy has been depicted and perfectly performed,” added Dr Chandrasekhar.

Launching the system, Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa, said, “I am sure that this will help the people in India and abroad, especially during the pandemic and social distancing. The minimal human intervention will make it a win-win situation for both the patients and healthcare providers.”

The technology has been manufactured by Curexo, a South Korean firm and marketed and sold by Meril Healthcare in India.


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