Organ donation: Jammu woman saves 3 lives

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 Rohit Shishodia
A 44-year-old clinically dead woman has saved 3 lives after her family members fulfilled her wish to donate her organs to critically ill patients. Her liver and kidneys were donated to needy patients while her corneas were given to an eye bank.

The liver was transplanted into a 40 year old man, one of her kidneys was donated to a 43 year old lady and another was donated to a patient at a Delhi hospital.

44 year old Ms Bindiya Kohli from Jammu was admitted to Delhi’s Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals on January 16, 2021, after a severe brain haemorrhage followed by a cardiac arrest.

On admission, while she was clinically brain dead, the doctors tried to revive her by putting her on a ventilator. Despite multiple efforts, her condition had become irreversible.

After getting the consent from the family, doctors harvested her organs. The liver was transplanted into a 40 year old man at the hospital who had been admitted in the ICU for over 15 days and was battling for life for want of an organ, one of her kidneys was used to save the life of a 43 year old woman who had suffered a failed kidney transplant previously and the other kidney was donated to a patient at a local Delhi hospital.

Dr Mukul Varma, Senior Consultant, Neurology, said, “When the patient was brought into the hospital, she had already suffered a massive brain hemorrhage and a consequent cardiac arrest. On admission, the patient was clinically dead which is an irreversible condition.”

“After two apnea tests in a gap of six hours, she was declared brain dead on January 17, 2020. Her family expressed her wish of being able to donate organs and save lives even after death and they decided to honor her wish,” added Dr Varma.


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