Cancer is beatable, take treatment: Survivors

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Cancer survivor Savita Gupta with her son Rajiv Gupta

 Rohit Shishodia  
Cancer can be beaten and its pain and agony can be overcome if people are properly informed about its symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. This was the message given by cancer survivors gathered at the Delhi State Cancer Institute in Dilshad Garden, Delhi, on the occasion of World Cancer Day.

These cancer survivors were honored in front of patients who are battling different types of cancers at different stages. The patients with cancers appeared to be very confident and expressed hope that the disease is curable if treatment is taken on time.

Savita Gupta, 65, a resident of Rohini, Delhi, has defeated breast cancer after battling it for years. She had gone through rough patches in her life as she continued to bear the acute pain for long.

All of her hair fell and her overall health was impacted by chemotherapy and continued radiotherapy. She had become very weak after regular vomiting. However, she came out a winner and beat the deadly disease. Gupta was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005.

Gupta told DTMT: “I had a very small lump in my breast. It was painful and could be felt when it was touched. I took homeopathy treatment for long but pain did not go away. When pain did not relieve, I went to Ambedkar hospital where I was diagnosed with breast cancer.”

“I was operated in the Ambedkar Hospital. After operation, I was referred to DSCI where I underwent 12 cycles of chemotherapy and 34 of radiotherapy. What was important, I continued to come here for therapies. I would advise, if you know about the disease, get the treatment at the earliest. I am now very fit and fine,” she added.

“I have become so healthy that at this age I can serve my children,” she said with visible joy.

Anish Salmani, husband of 35-year-old Ayesha Salmani, told DTMT that his wife had developed symptoms such as lump and pus in breast. "We first met doctors in Meerut who revealed that she had developed cancer. It was a second stage cancer. We then came here and the doctors here treated us with affection.”

Salmani added that his wife first went under different cycles of chemotherapy followed by surgery. After 4 cycles of chemotherapy, she underwent 25 radiation therapies. She is fit now. "Even after getting fully recovered, we have been advised to come here for regular testing.”

“We were very nervous as we have two daughters. I would like to say that this disease is spreading. We need to spread awareness and immediately meet doctors if anyone is getting symptoms. I would say, women should not be shy and inform their family members,” explained Salmani.

Dr BL Sherwal, Director, DSCI, said that cancer not only affects the patient but the entire family. But this can be avoided through awareness and timely diagnosis and treatment, he added.

Dr Sherwal pointed out that changes in motion, blood in stool, urine, or cough could be symptoms of cancer. If people having these symptoms immediately seek treatment and tackle the problem, it can be cured. Even if it is not cured, the patient can live 15 years easily, he opined.

Dr Sherwal asserted that those who smoke and consume smokeless tobacco and have high intake of alcohol should give it up on this precious day. He further advised that people should take good diet and take milk, fruits and inculcate the habit of sports in kids. 


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